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101 Questions for Tobikko
Since I still don't know how other things work in here, I'll just post random stuffs and flail. You may want to flail with me. I accept flailing partners. XD

So here's Random Post #1.
I originally posted this Set of Questions on Wattpad. You may answer it there too. ^^ and my answers are there too. We may have the same thoughts therefore we could be flailing buddies XD



1. What is your personal ranking of Hey! Say! JUMP?

2. What is your favorite Hey! Say! JUMP song?

3. What is the first ever Hey! Say! JUMP song that you heard?

4. What is your favorite Hey! Say! JUMP single? Album?

5. How did you became a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP?


6. Hey! Say! 7 or Hey! Say! BEST?

7. YamaChii or YamaJima?

8. AriYama or YamaChii?

9. TaDaiki or AriYama?

10. TakaNoo or InooBu?

11. InooBu or YabuHika?

12. YabuHika or HikaTo?

13. HikaTo or OkaJima?

14. InooChii or NakaChii?

15. Other Pairings you Prefer


16.  Arioka Daiki?

17. Chinen Yuri?

18. Inoo Kei?

19. Nakajima Yuto?

20. Morimoto Ryutaro?

21. Okamoto Keito?

22. Takaki Yuya?

23. Yabu Kota?

24. Yamada Ryosuke?

25. Yaotome Hikaru?


26.  Arioka Daiki?

27. Chinen Yuri?

28. Inoo Kei?

29. Nakajima Yuto?

30. Morimoto Ryutaro?

31. Okamoto Keito?

32. Takaki Yuya?

33. Yabu Kota?

34. Yamada Ryosuke?

35. Yaotome Hikaru?


(I decided to add choices to save ourselves from insanity. Lols!)

36. You were to form a 6-man team. Where would you get the other 5members of your group?

A. Hey! Say! 7 (Okamoto, Yamada, Nakajima, Chinen and Morimoto)

B. Hey! Say! BEST (Yabu, Takaki, Inoo, Yaotome, Arioka)

37. You are asked to perform a ballroom dance, who would you like to be your partner?

A. Chinen Yuri

B. Yamada Ryosuke

C. Nakajima Yuto

38. If you were to have a choreographer, who will you chose?

A. Yabu Kota

B. Takaki Yuya

C. Yaotome Hikaru

39. If you were to be scolded, who would you like to do it?

A. Okamoto Keito

B. Arioka Daiki

C. Inoo Kei

40. If you were to be the choreographer, which unit will you teach first?

A. Hey! Say! 7

B. Hey! Say! BEST

41. You were to have a pictorial and the photographer is Yuto Nakajima, what would be the theme of the photoshoot?

A. Fierce

B. Jungle

C. Summer

42. Kei Inoo offered to teach you on how to play a Christmas song in the piano, what song would it be?

A. Silent Night

B. Joy To The World

C. Hark The Herald

43. You were to rap along side Hikaru Yaotome and Daiki Arioka, what song would it be?


B. Ride With Me

C. Come Back... ?

44. You are to have an acoustic number with Keito Okamoto, what would you like him to do?

A. Play the guitar for you

B. Sing for you

C. Teach you on how to play the guitar and let you own the entire performance

45. If you were to have a death defying stunt with Yuri Chinen, what would it be?

A. Trapeeze

B. Tight Rope Walking

C. Aerial Dance

46. You unintentionally entered a shower where Yuya Takaki is about to take a bath, what would you do?

A. Scream and Leave immediately

B. Push him out the shower room

C. I don't mind. It's Yuya Takaki!

47. Your friends dared you to wipe with your mouth (either lick or kiss) a sauce on Kota Yabu's face, where would it be?

A. Cheeks

B. Nose

C. Chin

48. You were to have a movie scene with Ryosuke Yamada, what scene would it be?

A. Break-up scene

B. Funny Scene

C. Scary Scene

49. You slipped and was unable to stand. Ryutaro Morimoto happened to see your situation and offered to carry you. In what way would you like to be carried?

A. Lover's Carry

B. Piggy Back Ride

C. The one in which the arm of the injured is over the shoulders of the other while holding it and the victim's waist (I forgot how you call that carry)

50. You are to join a volleyball tournament, with whom would you team up with?

A. Hey! Say! BEST

B. Hey! Say! 7

Bonus Question: If you were to attend a Hey! Say! JUMP concert and have two (2) V.I.P. Tickets, who would you bring?

A. Mom

B. Dad

C. Sister

D. Brother

E. Lover

F. Bestfriend

G. Others (kindly specify)


51. You were to have a roadtrip with the JUMP but the car can only occupy 8 passengers including you, who will be left? (Pick the unlucky 3)

52. You have 4 free tickets to a movie, which members would you like to come with? (Choose 4)

53. All the JUMP offered you a date but it was all at the same time and date but different places, who will you choose?

54 & 55. If you were to sing a JUMP song to a JUMP, to whom? What song will it be?

56. You are stranded in an island and you found out that there are 5 of the JUMP on the same island, who would you like it to be?

57 & 58. If a JUMP would sing a song to you, who would you like it to be (aside from your ichiban)? What song?

59. You were to cook for JUMP, what will you prepare?

60. How would you react if they didn't liked it?

61. You were bitten on the leg by a snake, who among HS7 would you like to suck the venom?

62. You are living in one house with the JUMP but there are only 5 beds, each bed can only be occupied by two. With whom would you like to share it (aside from your ichiban)?

63. You went on an outing and forgot to bring toothbrush, to whom would you like to borrow?

64. It was raining and you are on your way home and saw HS7 on the shed, with your umbrella which can only accommodate two more, who would you like to offer it? (Choose the lucky 2)

65. You were drowning and all the boys (I am referring to JUMP only. Lols!) came rushing to the sea, who would you like to save you first?

66. It was lunchtime and you saw that the BEST only prepared four (4) bento. To whom would you share yours?

67. If you were to watch the stars with one unit, would it be Hey! Say! 7 or Hey! Say! BEST?

68. How would you wake your ichiban up and offer him the breakfast you made?

69. Hey! Say! BEST happened to be your sensei. What subjects would you like them to teach you?

70 Aside from your ichiban, with whom would you like to share a shower?

71. You were to conduct a group study in your home but your parents told you that you can only invite 6, who would it be?

72. You were to co-star with JUMP in a movie, what theme would you like it to be?

73. What would you do if your ichiban kabedon you (corner you on the wall with his arms)?

74. If you were given a chance to sit on a JUMP's lap, who would it be?

75-78. If you were to hire a HS7 as a driver, who would it be? Personal bodyguard? Personal Maid? Chef?

79. If you were to catch a bullet for a JUMP, (wow! Now that's one heroic act! XD) to whom would it be?

80. If JUMP would be your family, what would their roles be?

81. If JUMP would be your classmate, where would you like to sit?

82. Who would you like to be your shoulder to cry on among the JUMP?

83. A member of Hey! Say! JUMP came to you, crying. What would you do?

84. You are to carry a JUMP in your arms, who would it be?

85 You shoe lace is untied an a JUMP did it for you, how would you react?

86. If you were to have a secret admirer among the JUMP, who would you wish it'd be?

87. What would you like to receive from your ichiban on the Valentine's Day?

88. You are faced into a trouble with the BEST. What would you do?

89-90. You are trapped in an elevator with a JUMP. Who is it? What would you do?

91. Who among the JUMP would you like to be your hair stylist?

92. If you were to be given a massage from a JUMP, who is it?

93. If you are going to have an overnight movie marathon with the JUMP, what kind of movie will you watch?

94. You are with your ichiban and you felt cold. How would you ask him to lend you his jacket/sweater?

95. It was your ichiban's birthday, what would be your birthday present/preparation for him?

96. Do you still consider Ryutaro Morimoto as a part of JUMP?

97. What is your wildest dream/daydream with the JUMP?

And The Most Awaited Question... Aside from the fact that this is the last question, I believe that eveyone will gladly answer it with their ichiban. :D

Last Question:

98. How did you feel before, during and after answering these questions? ^^


The last question is actually...

99. Can we be friends? :)

Okay. That's a joke again. But I'll love it if your answer is "Yes". ^^

This is it.

100. If you were to marry a JUMP, who would be the unlucky (just kidding! XD) groom? ^^v

The real last question is... I swear, this is really is it.

101. Mind sharing a little wild "What if Hey! Say! JUMP..." question? ^_~

Sayonara Sensation Translation
okay. so yesterday was Sensations 2nd single release and I can't sleep properly because I wasn't able to watch it right away or even hear the complete song.
So I was kind of like... I'll try translating it or else it (the music and the PV) haunt me until who knows how long.
However, since I am not really fluent in speaking Japanese, only the translation of the first verse is where I'm confident about but I know that in that short verse, there are still errors. XD

Sayonara Sensation

Tomo ni miteta sora to
Tomo to miteta yume to
Omoide o kokoro ni
Tabidachi no toki


Let us look at the sky and
Let us look in our dreams
Remember in your heart
The time of our journey

That's it. Gomenasai!!! Teh!


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